With the advent of the instant colour image in 1960’s, the Polaroid photograph gave the masses a cost effective way of producing an image that they could hold within seconds. In this digital age the Polaroid has become a niche practice adopted by the enthusiast and the artist, who have recognised its unique visual signature and its materiality.

Since the recent official announcement that Polaroid will no longer produce instant film, those who have been exploring the potential of the medium have been forced to recognise that this is beginning of the end for this unique photographic process.

Over the past year Keith James and Adam Verity have been amassing a body of work dedicated to the Polaroid aesthetic. The resulting exhibition seeks to convey an intimate dialogue with this unique material. The subject matter of the works on show is wide ranging yet is united by the singular form of the Polaroid ‘image-object’.

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Keith James is an artist and photographer living and working in Lincoln. He teaches Photography at the University of Lincoln.

Contact: kjphoto@ntlworld.com

Adam Verity is an artist and filmmaker living and working in Lincoln. Along side his practice and freelance work he teaches Photography and Moving Image at the University of Lincoln.

Contact: info@adamverity.co.uk

Any of the works are available for purchase as a limited edition (1 of 20) A1 sized framed print on archival Fine Art paper. £120

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